Pacific Northwest Mastiff Fanciers
Dedicated to the betterment of the breed since 1986!

Education & Rescue

Through Education we hope to limit the need for Rescue!
Please keep an eye on this page!  This is where you will find information on upcoming Education Events as well as updates to the current Rescue Situation in our area.  
The PNMF has had an active Education program since 1996.  We can be seen at various events throughout the North West.  We are often recognized by the crowd of people surrounding our Castle (booth).  We have won more awards for our education program at these events than we can even count.  But the best reward of all is knowing that we are making a difference!
We just finished up a great weekend at The Puyallup Fair!
If you have questions about the breed, want to meet one of these guys in person, etc...these events are great opportunities!  We will also have lots of educational materials on hand for you to take home with you.  If you are not able to attend an event, that's ok!  Just contact us and we can answer any questions you might have, send you educational materials, work on matching you up with someone so that you can meet some Mastiffs in person, etc.
Talk to you soon!
Jamie Morris - Education Chair
The PNMF Rescue program has helped hundreds of Mastiffs over the years.  From large scale rescue opperations involving the legal system, animal control agencies, other rescue organiztions, etc down to individual dogs in need.  We have always been there for the Mastiffs that need us.

If you are interested in getting involved in any aspect of Rescue.  Please contact us!

 Danna Burnett - Rescue Chair